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Writer's Block: Good eats

What's your favorite holiday food? Is there any holiday dish you hate?
I am a huge fan of warm beverages, and there always seems to be plenty around winter holidays. Coffees in a plethora of flavors, a veritable cornucopia of teas and of course, things like hot spiced cider. Even the infamous eggnog, though it be chilled, is a favorite. I love these drinkable delights!

Plus the holidays make my dad a little less stingy with his best booze. Tonight, for example, I got to sample a twelve-year-old corn whiskey of a brand I've not heard of; it was a very fine "reserve" and he said it was an absolute steal at $50 a bottle. There I sat, enthralled by what could possibly be the finest whiskey I've ever sipped at, and wondering if I've ever spent $50 total on a year's worth of whiskey. When you drink the absolute cheapest shit on the market, it makes the good stuff even better.

Can't think of a holiday edible that I hate, actually.


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Jan. 4th, 2011 05:22 am (UTC)
Aright, this has been bothering me since I read it oh these two weeks or so ago...

Cold eggnog? My tiny kitten brain boggles! I've always had it heated, except for that one time where I wanted to try it straight from the fridge.

I assume the difference is a regional (or perhaps even a family) thing. And we're not too fancy about eggnog out here. It's store bought stuff in a carton, heated in a mug in the microwave, topped with a light dusting of nutmeg and a dash of rum for those so inclined.
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