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If you unexpectedly won a $10,000, how would you spend it?
Honestly, I probably wouldn't. Okay, I mean sure, I might take my friends out to dinner someplace nice to celebrate, I'd buy the kiddo something really awesome, and I'd get some dental work done and some medical crap taken care of. After that, though...the rest would go into my bank account to just sort of exist there, in case of emergency.

I mean really, ten thousand is a nice chunk of change, but it isn't as if I could quit my job and live off of it or something. ;) It would make a nice bit of padding though, in case of another veterinary emergency or something. Hell, I could even justify commissioning a few really high-end artists for some sketches, but...yeah, no, I wouldn't do much of anything crazy or extravagant.

Also I once again feel my inner former-English-major weeping a little on the inside. Really, "unexpectedly won a $10,000"? Seriously? Why did they not omit the extra "a" in there? I mean, "unexpectedly won $10,000" would be far more accurate, grammatically speaking. I'm pretty sure my cats have a better grasp of the written word than some of the folk who write these questions.

Oh, and yes, I'd go out and buy a latte, too. I adore them. ;)

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